Reproductive system for male reproductive systems. The women's system also protects and nurtures the fetus developing during nine months of pregnancy. There are about 150,000 eggs in an ovaries of a girl at birth; However, sperm production in children only starts when starting puberty.
Sperm is made in testes and matures in a roller tube, epididymis. At the end of sex, they go along VAS and mix with liquids by prostate bubbles and seeds. Sperm then go to the end of the penis and in the female vagina in the urethra. Since then, you start the trip to the female breeding sugar of puberty, an egg of one of the ovaries that are released every month and go through the tube of a fall in the uterus next to the uterus. Eggs also produce female sex hormones. The uterus is the home of the fetus during pregnancy. The uterine exit is called the cervix. It opened away during birth so that the baby left million sperm during sex and deposited in the vagina. From there they passed the cervical canal in the uterus and then towards the fallopian tube. About 500 sperm to the tubes. When we fertilize an egg, is the small fertilized egg starting to share? In two cells, then four and so. When shared, it moves along the tube from the bowl to the uterus. There, he fits the endometrium like an embryo.
Fertilization occurs outside the Casop tube. As soon as the eggs reach, sperm releases substances that allow them to break the outer layers of the egg. A sperm enters the egg. Eggs and sperm invade it successfully providing each genetic information needed to form a new person while the baby lowered, first fell, the rest of the body crossed the neck canal. And the vagina of the mother outside the world. The uterus achieves this a few days after fertilization, moving through the eyelashes, the hair structure in the membrane of Fallowian. Early embryo is suitable for the lining of the uterus. 1 this time embryonic cells have developed and participated in organs. Most organs are formed for eight weeks and the embryo is now called the fetus. After 10 weeks, the fetus has a size of 5 cm (2 inches) and has a line and a member of the face.
You can start the mother to move the baby. The umbilical cord connects the fetus with the placenta. This fabric pillow is attached to the wall of the uterus that provides fetal nutrients and removes waste. is certified by the Sealsafe program. For more information, click on the label or at