Dogs have been our partner so long that it is not surprising to find them in the Bible. If you are looking for a single copper dog in Google in the Bible, it has come to the right place: The only dog ​​is mentioned especially in the Bible is Grayhound, but only in some way. This word appears in the maxim 30:31, but only in the translation of the King James Bible English, and has more than this corrected average response! The only breed in the Bible? The first language problem to know is that the original author of the maxim 30:31 did not talk about Grayhound as we know today. In fact, we don't know exactly what I have said about! Only King James, the Bible version in English, translated this word "Grayhound". "In other translations, you will find" Pavonese "or similar." And are used more often to describe something about people. 1