God, we cannot understand if it's good or completely strange! The creators of YouTube Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal revealed on August 5 that they not only shared the first girlfriend, but they also had the first kiss with the same girl! We have all the crazy details here. Rhett and Link are the best friends. You have successfully made YouTube videos for more than a decade (4.2 million registered), but more importantly, you are the best friends since the first year! Because they were very close for so long, they created very clumsy memories together, like their first kiss with the same girl! youtube of the stars: See the photos of the social network Le Panel Youtube TCA on August 5 Los Angeles, who revealed the duo that when they were young, they had their first kiss with a girl. Girl named Amber. Not at the same time, but still ... what? If you think the strange thing is that sometimes happens to children with the same group of friends, they may be surprised to find that they also have the same girlfriend who is another girl named Leslie. Crazy! You have caused the story because you really inspired the series of friends of Rhett and Left's new Left, in which "Rhett & Link must do everything possible to control your Empire Internet's friend's Empire Internet Your friend is a Queen who has a huge secret about their mind. "They said," The two girls really combine to inspire the character. Very happy! They showed an exclusive clip in the exclusive clip in In the case of Allisonbrokephotography.com, I can tell him a despair between friends, I don't want to hurt his emotions. During a happy ceremony, he gave him a wing, And this shows how uncomfortable new comedy, fun and emotional comedy. He will also present to "Saturday Night Live" old "Molly Shannon and Chris Parnell, as well as Leslie Bibb and Page Kennedy . We can't wait to see this fall! Allisonbrokephotography.comrs, have you ever kissed or ended with the same person as your friend? Is it embarrassing? Share your opinion with us!