There is no idea about the Python-Udyerror-Upble of the IRA solution, published in SamuelPosed posts on July 20, 2021, 2021 . Programming always takes place at faulty cost. Some of them are diabetes and are quite difficult to manage, even if you know the mission, there are many types of errors in a program: One of the most common errors is the Python Indexador index personners in the thread The incorrect number of a variable mentions when you encounter an index. You may have provided an index for TPEL that is not available to fix it, verify the index of variables or check the lock area if you have a loop, what is TPEL? TPEL is a data set in a single variable.
A TPEL can save some values ​​related to the specific values ​​of the comma and are included in the first example of TPEL as follows: tup = ('a', 'b', 12, 1645, ' AB '), which we can see, a TPEL can contain everything, from a character and string to some and the values ​​of the Float vs Lida list are the same as a difference, but there is another thing. The basic special is an example of a list: to display this video. JavaScript operates and reviews the AWEB browser update. HTML5 acknowledges HTML5 support for the main difference between the list and TPEL linked by the third is that the list is changing, but TPEL does not mean that the list may be changed, but cannot change the value. In TPEL, as soon as it is created, the same activity in Li and TPEL, if you get a list of lists outside the reach, this solution works so you can imagine, for example, it is in one in one one File and people have a numbered file number notification code as the identity of itself in the tail, the data of the list or TPEL is numbered according to their position, starting 0, the first element In the list of 0, the dry element in the number 1, etc., etc. If you want to use an element of the list, you can call it with its position, that is, index value to use the value index to use an example, we will have a total of Five elements in this TPEL. Name this element with its index number here, because we can perform iTivar = TUPE Index. The fourth number of elements is 3, because the index of 0 tears to obtain the fourth value of the tuple 'tup' can be similar to Listeror: the index from the beach outside the scope is very difficult if there are some rings. In the program's program. Understanding why this error occurs, we use the same tuppel to explain what we write: tup = ('a', 'b', 12, 1 645, of ») var = tupthis brings about index error outside the scope. The reason is very simple, there are five elements in TPEL, the index of the last element is 4, but Var requires the element with an index 5. It is quite easy to solve the problem here, but when everything becomes complicated, the problem arises in Bulespt = ('A', 'B', 12, 1645, 'of') for me within the scope of . After that, it was unsuccessful, because the situation became a situation. Next: printing, printing and therefore, the problem is that the error pointed that the problem has been refined this error when checking the beach of all loops used in the program, to avoid Python's error: The index area, although it seems difficult to find and resolve the index area. This error when writing a program here has some ways to print all values ​​in TPEL, but do not know the size of TPEL in this case if you write: For me in the area (10): Print chapter The program begins an error (assuming it has thought that TPEL's size is 10). Therefore, in this case, we can have the size and use in useless loops, we can write: Because I am in the area (len (tup)): in tupper, wool (tup) indicates the size of the bucket, that is, the number of elements available in it (tup) is not an index error outside the scope, but there are times when we use some methods of indexing of some number of The relationship or list in a loop, you should not be afraid before. Mistakes, wrongdoing, misconception. The fact is that the value of the index does not stem from the limits of the net index, otherwise the positive index starts from 0, the negative index of 1 starts, so the final value has the index. - 1, while the first value has an index- (len (tup)) to simplify everything by using examples of tup, elementab121645ab + Ve value index 01234-V of index- 5-3-2-1 Therefore, negative index has different values ​​of positive index. Other types of errors that bonuses will discuss some other types of errors as a regular programmer, while Python is simple and interesting, so some time errors are required to correct that he does not Can wait, create errors, occur as soon as the program responded to the program that was not determined without calculation / can index, we call an eerror type as the int -bject object is not displayed These are some common annoying errors that Python users are exposed daily. However, it is important to consider! The conclusion may be fun, but sometimes the mistakes can make the encryption's date can cause nightmares. Such an example is Python Python: The tuble index is out of reach if the use of this error cannot be used to use this error. And the beach is used in rounds when a program stops in case of error. Therefore, a programmer must respect the indicators carefully to avoid the questionnaires that are required a lot according to errors to handle different errors in Python. Program? Each error is often reliable in other errors. If you write a bad line, Python cannot understand the following codes. Python also made errors in these lines. Is it important to repair and repair the original of 'errors and repair, do you have many errors in a program? How long do I have to fix it? Error is not measured better with numbers. This is due to the error of what really exists, trying to fix the authentic error and other errors still have to purify a error program. Program programs are displayed as the final attraction. This is a specialty of Python Roadback, in which the control panel must be read below. Therefore, you have to look at the control panel and fix the errors, so that the lowest error must be repaired the most for the first time if it is more beneficial, TPEL or the list. It depends on TPEL or the list is more suitable and has two similar variables to store the elements there. Both can be used in the same way to create a list of elements, use TPEL, can easily convert TPEL into a list of some codes. Is the list the best option when you work on an index finger error? The negative index is used to display the list in the opposite direction and should not make errors. However, there are certain translation processes in which the use of negative index is not authorized in those cases. You can comply with errors if you want to access the last element of the cup without negative index, you can write Var = Tup. This brings the last element of TPEL to reduce one length. What is the difference between (1,2) and ('1', '2')? According to the conversion in the same way, integers cannot be used as a string and must become to turn a string into an integer. We use int () for example int ('2') to turn the whole into a string. Str () example