Modern refrigerators are used to store food. Add distributors to any factor and then press the stone group to get it. With this tutorial, you can know how to make a modern refrigerator. First, you must place two armor support parts for the face and add a quartz block, press a quartz staircase at the top and with two pistons blocks.
Then place a quartz block at the top. Put the armor support on the right side and add a leather lid to the top. Add 2 quartz blocks back and the front of this armor support. Press these blocks with two blocks of piston and red blocks. Now it looks like a modern refrigerator. The next thing to do is to add a block of quartz and a stone button in the refrigerator at the top. Now this modern refrigerator must operate. Break the white concrete and place a upside down distributor. Add a pumpkin cake and press the stone button to have a game.
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