The operation of Miami flight to West Palm Beach (Miami Beach International Airport) is 62 miles / 101 km / 54 miles. The estimated flight time is 37 minutes. The route from Miami (MIA) to West Palm Beach (GDP) is 71 miles / 115 km and the car travel time is about 1 hour 26 minutes. The distance between Miami and West Palm Beach.
Here are two common methods: VINCEY formula (applied above) 62,455 miles 54,272 formulas of the navigation formula of the distance of calculating the distance between the scale / length on the surface of the earth with the Ellipsoid model of the formula The earth. 670 miles100,857 km54,458 formulas of Hoversin aircraft calculating the distance between the points of the length / length, in which a spherical nation (the distance of the large circulation, the shortest distance between the two two the point). State code: Miaico code: Kmiaicordinats: 25 ° 47'35 N, 80 ° 17'26 '' W bpalm Airport beach.